Clark Andersen 

I’m relatively new to pottery, and was introduced to it several years ago by Renee Lindquist in a summer wheel-throwing class.  I emerged from the class feeling the need for a lot of practice, so I went on to buy my own wheel, then a kiln, then a better wheel, and generally spent a lot of time studying pottery videos (I’ve learned a lot from Hsinchuen Lin) and books and practicing.  After some years of trial-and-error and experimentation, I acquired some competence with the wheel and began to converge on my own style of pottery, which continues to evolve. 

I predominantly focus on functional ware such as mugs, tumblers, bowls, and even cat dishes, but often with decorative elements such as inscribed surfaces or applied features; I aim for ware which is comfortable to use and interesting to look at. I appreciate clean lines, and have moved away from showing a visible foot on my pieces, preferring the sides to converge smoothly to the base.  I also enjoy creating carved vases which contrast the interior and exterior and may double as a lamp.

I’ve had careers in the Air Force, as a math teacher, a software developer of 3D simulations, and currently a biostatistician.  Together with a lifetime enjoying the outdoors, ranging from lounging in a hammock to hiking and canoeing, all of this background undoubtedly coalesces into my pottery efforts.



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