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 Steve Webster 

I love clay. I have tried wood carving, iron smelting, and casting and they were not it. I took a 6 week pottery class about 20 years ago and loved it, but working full time with a family made it impossible for me to pursue. When I retired, my wife suggested that I take a pottery class at Alvin Community College. I discovered that I still loved clay. I am now in the enrichment program at ACC and work on my pieces at least three days a week. They have everything anyone could want as far as slips, glazes, and kilns. I can also interact with all of the talented students and faculty and get ideas on style and techniques.

As far as style, I am pretty much all over the place, leaning toward art deco. I hand build most of my pieces because you can make whatever you can think of and it is not always round. I sometimes go months without using the potter’s wheel. I tend to make several of one type of object until something else gets my attention. I specialize in hand painted tiles using underglazes. I get many of my inspirations on the internet from old posters and photos or just whimsy.

Working with clay makes me happy. I love clay.



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Steve Webster
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