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 Don Williams 

Artist Don Williams is relatively new to the world of ceramics. In the summer of 2013, Don enrolled in the Alvin Community College ceramic enrichment classes; he’s been back at the pottery wheel every semester since.


Don’s major influences include V. Chen, Randy Broadnax, and Dennis La Valley. He admires the sharp lines and preciseness of Chen’s work, Broadnax’s loose and light hearted approach to Raku, and the welcoming and creative learning environment provided by his instructor at ACC, Dennis La Valley.  Don’s goal as a potter is to make his pieces lighter, wider, cleaner, and taller. He enjoys experimenting with different Raku and high fire glaze combinations and sharing what he has learned with others. As a new potter and over thirty years as a fire fighter, Don compares learning all there is to know about pottery to trying to take a drink of water from a fire hydrant.


  When Don is not on the wheel at the college, he enjoys teaching beginner lessons at his shop, and giving demonstrations at local craft fairs and area schools. Don currently works as a Crash Rescue Specialist at Ellington Field in Houston, Texas.  He lives in Manvel, Texas with his wife of 29 years, Rebecca, and their two college kids: Jacob and Alyssa.  They enjoy traveling and have been to 49 states. Their most recent travels usually include stops at the local pottery shops and galleries.  Don’s work can be seen at the Goose Gallery in Alvin, Texas and at Don’s Pottery Shop in Manvel, Texas

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