Eleanor Brown 

As a youngster, I took a summer art class at the Fine Arts Museum in Houston. I vividly remember making a little clay donkey and being captivated with clay

and the magical process of glazing. Today, that same childlike fascination with the clay process continues to delight and drive me in my artistic journey. For the last 25 years I have explored many diverse avenues in ceramics through handbuilding and throwing-working in earthenware and stoneware.


Clay gives me the feeling of freedom I get from working with a pliable, three-dimensional artform. One lifetime will not be long enough to travel all the possibilities that the art of pottery has to offer.


In our hurried lifestyle, one of life’s simple pleasures is sharing a meal in pleasant surroundings. I derive satisfaction knowing that customers have carefully chosen a piece for it’s beauty and knowing it will be used at the dinner table--one of life’s most basic rituals.

 Finally being retired from teaching art full time, I enjoy having the time to spend in my studio on the banks of Dickinson Bayou.

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