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 Kerry Herbert 

Growing up on the Gulf Coast in Texas, my first introduction to clay was in a student outreach Summer program offered by my school district to any junior high student. My fascination with clay has never waned since then. It would not be until after graduation from college that I would re-new my love affair with it. I learned the basics of wheel thrown pottery in the 70's at College of the Mainland from Betty Polifka. Since that first experience of being mesmerized with spinning clay, I was drawn toward the creation of functional pottery. I now alternate between slab work and wheel-thrown pottery. All aspects of a finished piece are equally important to me and all must work together toward the end result - an individual work of art in clay.


I feel my love of clay will never diminish and I will always have that same child-like anticipation of Christmas morn when I open each finished kiln load to see what presents the kiln gods have left for me!


My home is my studio. My inspiration comes from my interactions with family and friends.


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