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Suzie Wignall

Having lived on a coast most of my life, I am very much inspired by sea life, plants and critters.  Abstract art has also been a key to my pieces.  My work  is done with slabs of clay and fired using the Raku method.  I like  raku as you are never sure what the results of the fire will bring.


Married to an engineer, we became “white collar migrant workers” and lived in many places.  This gave me the opportunity to take classes from different  clay artists along the way.  When my husband was offered a job in Houston working for Schlumberger we moved from Florida and have been here since except for when we had some assignments in Boston and France.


Clay classes at the College of the Mainland introduced me to a lot of people in the “Clay Community”.  Several of the people were part of a group called Salt Grass Potters. I joined them in the late 70’s. This lead to joining  The Houston Potter’s Guild around 1986.  I stayed with that group for 17 years.  My husband had retired and we wanted to do some traveling, so I retired too.  Now I just do a few pots for a few sales and some other venues.

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